The only - English speaking - driver's school

in Aarhus!


We only have Converters - or if you need to recover your license! 

Class:   Saturdays and Wednesdays


              13.00 - 16.00 


Tests :   Saturdays and Wednesdays  


              16.00 - 17.00


If you don't pass the theory test the first time - you lose your license to drive in Denmark - and don't get it back before you pass a theory and the practical test!

Therefore we strongly encourage you to take this



1.  Online Education System with 40 tests

2.  Free classes for 2 months -

     Usually ready for a test within a month!

3.  Short theory book and more materials in English

If you make a great effort - you might be ready for

theory test within a month - we help you to do that!

If Saturday or Wednesday does not suit you - it might be possible to make a special schedule for you!

Need more info - call us + 45 2175 1446

The first time you attend the class 

1. You need to sign up as a converter/recover

2. Bring your application for a driver's license -

if you have one. 




You are only allowed to drive in Denmark for 90 days as a resident

What you need to do!

1. You need a medical from your doctor

(bring a pass photo)

2. Go to Borgerservice  (Aarhus Dok1)

     3. Once your driver's license has      been  assessed as valid, you will be

sent an application

4. While you are waiting, you should

     take our Converter Course or if your

 license to drive has been revoked -

   a Recovery Course  

          5.  Go to  "Sign up"




For more information please call

+ 45 2175 1446 or

Mail.:  koerekort8240@gmail.com


So far we only have converters!

We will inform you when we open for beginners as well

Online 4-month education program and book - with 40 tests in English.


4 lessons Maneuver Track

29 lessons in theory.

Saturdays and Wednesdays

2 - 5 pm as long as you need.

16 lessons in driving.

4 lessons Technical track

We need from you

Medical from your doctor

Fee app. DKK 500,-

First Aid Course

(We have a course in English)

DKK 700,-

Extra lessons fee

DKK 550,-

Interpreter - (practical test)

We will schedule an interpreter

for the practical test

DKK 700,-


We have 2 options:



Online theory course with 40 tests and materials

Fee DKK 900,-



Online theory course with 40 tests and materials.


2 month theory classes (higly recommended)

Course fee DKK 1.495,-

As a resident in Denmark you usually have to convert your home country Driving License to a Danish one - within 90 days.

If you have a Kat.  B Drivers License

You need to go to borgerservice !

You get a temporary driver's license

You lose that license if you don't pass the theory test !

Whether you can change your Drivers license without taking tests or  have to pass a theory and practical test, depends on which country you are from

See more Converter info below

In doubt?


You are always welcome

to call us

Tl. + 45 2175 1446



              Or write an e-mail.:




If you are not from the EU or

EEC and listed in groups 1 and 2,

(See Right column) 

Maybe you are from China-India-Pakistan-Philippines

or other countries in Asia-Australia-South America-Africa or other countries not listed in groups 1 or 2 above - 

You need to pass a Driving Test

Consisting of a theoretical and a practical part

Call us at 2175 1446

We can help you to pass both tests!

We will give you access to a theory program with an online theory book and 40 tests in English.

As well as materials and a short book on theory and driving.

Free classes Saturdays and Wednesdays

The fee is only DKK 1.495,-

If you do not pass 1. time

You will lose your license to drive in Denmark and do not get back before you pass a theoretical and a practical test as well!

cost you about DKK 2600,-!

Go to the Borger Service and then call us again!


 You are still allowed to drive with your foreign driving license for up to 90 days from when you establish residence in Denmark.


 This only applies if your foreign driving license is valid and

if the driving license is issued with Latin characters or is accompanied by an official translation into Danish, English, or French.


In addition, you must meet the age requirement that applies to be issued a corresponding Danish driving license.


 Click here to Færdselsstyrelsen


If you are from the EU, EEC, or group 1 or 2

You do not have to pass a Driving Test -

but have to convert your Driving License within

90 days

Whether you must exchange your foreign driving license and whether you must complete a driving test (consisting of a theoretical and a practical part) prior to the exchange, depends on the country/constituent state which has issued your driver's license.

          Theory  class location         

        Boresøvej 21,  8240 Risskov


    Class dates for             Class tests only

       theory class

Moreover, different rules apply as to how long time you can wait until you must exchange your foreign driver's license for a Danish driver's license.


Usually, no later than 90 days after establishing residence in Denmark, you must have exchanged your foreign driver's license for a Danish driver's license - if you wish to continue driving in Denmark - If you are from the EU or EECDriving licenses issued in an EU or EEA country (Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein)


 No replacement is required and you can drive the same vehicles in Denmark as you must according to your valid driving license from the issuing country.

You don't need to pass a driving test if you are from

EU, ECC, or from group 1 or 2.!


Group 1 countries

If your driving license was issued in the Australian Capital Territory, Brazil, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Japan, Jersey, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), North Irland, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Great Brittania

You are then allowed to drive with your foreign driving license for 90 days from the day you establish residence in Denmark


Group 2 countries

Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia (other than the ACT), Chile, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Isle of Man, Serbia, New Zeeland, Israel, North Makedonia


It's noted, that if your driver's license validity period is longer than 15 years - or for group 2 category in the case longer than 5 years - there is a requirement to exchange 2 years after the condition of normal residence are met if you are running a motor vehicle in Denmark.


You must additionally in Group 2 countries -


 Provide a written declaration of honor stating that you have had and have used your driving license for category B driving - regular car - within the last two years and also provide a written declaration of honor stating that you have not had your driving license revoked within the last five years and that your right to drive has not been restricted or made conditional in any way.


        Theory test location

               Bautavej 1   8210 Aarhus V  





1. lesson Technique

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