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17 years of experience in theory teching

in English at our old school Kør Aarhus.

For Danish students as well.

Kørekort på Engelsk -

Driving License in English.

This school is only for English students.

Therefore we can concentrate 100% on the

challenges you may have because of language.

New in the Theory class !

A large monitor for better teaching -

Previously used a projector - meant that it was difficult to decipher text on boards during theory tests -

now is everything clear !

This is a monitor that is used at the Theory Tests

by the police  in Aarhus.

Students have been very excited about it - teaching in the classroom has been uniquely enhanced.

We have also re-established the classroom with a maximum of 9 students per class -

provides better contact with students and always time to ask question during teaching.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write an email.: koerekort8240@gmail.com or

call tel. +45 2175 1446

Theory Classes is held:

Beginners    Saturday and/or Wednesday  2 - 5 pm

Converters   Saturday and/or wednesday  4 - 6 pm

Nis Nissen

Julsøvej 288

8240 Risskov

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